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The right marketing content comes from our in-house creatives, optimised for each stage in the funnel.

We deliver more than media plans. We design personal and immersive experiences that connect real people to each stage of a journey, leveraging the full media ecosystem.  We identify the most appropriate marketing and media channels, allocate investment and recommend how to deliver connected experiences across media, technology, content and commerce – all enabled by our market-leading suite of proprietary tools.

Expertise and experience gained from working with some of the biggest brands in the World.

Yvan Lamoureux  -  Founder & CEO

Formally educated and with two degrees, one in marketing and one in design, from theUniversity of Manitoba, Yvan is a results-oriented CEO, Founder, and marketing professionalwith extensive industry experience instrategic digital advertising, creative marketing, branding,and web development. He combines creativity and strategic thinking seamlessly to driveresults. He excels in crafting branding strategies that enhance company reputation and visibilityon an international scale. Yvan has directed various online and print campaign projects tosuccessful conclusions, ensuring brand consistency, attractiveness, practicality, and budgetadherence. Additionally, he specializes in managing online paid advertising campaigns,including strategy, design, implementation, search engine optimization (SEO), and adperformance analysis. His strategic leadership and passion for marketing make him a valuableasset in achieving business objectives and fostering innovation.


Phone: 519-572-4434

John Marshall - Senior Consultant

As an ardent believer in creative psychology, John has worked in partnership with a roster of noteworthy clients that represent a virtual who’s who of brand recognition. Throughout his career, in his own company and with many established agencies, John has roles including, Innovation, Strategy and Digital transformation for some of the  world’s leading organizations such as McDonald’s, Samsung, Sotheby’s, Christies, Budget. As Creative Director and Marketing Strategist for multiple fortune 500 companies and small to medium businesses, John is known for conceptual brand thinking, a passion for innovation and an ability to drive insights into successful commercial concepts for creative and effective communications that build brands. From 2013 to 2019, John received multiple digital advertising global awards for his new innovation, including the coveted 2018 OMMA (Online Media & Marketing Awards) in New York.

Phone: 519-572-4434

Nate Tadesco  Senior Account Executive

With over 25 years of experience in nurturing professional relationships and enhancingcommunication strategies, Nate is a vitalasset to Crankworks as a Senior Account Executive. Hisability to motivate teams towards peak performance, coupled with a relentless dedication toefficiency and productivity, makes him an indispensable part of our team. Nate specializes incrafting tailored solutions for clients in web development, positioning and branding, socialmedia and curation programs, search and PPC campaigns, creative marketing, contentmarketing, and public relations. He has also developed a passion for engaging with businessesto deliver truly innovative solutions. Nate Tedesco holds a BS from Pennsylvania StateUniversity and an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University and is also a teacher of Marketing studiesat Conestoga College.


Phone: 519-573-7831

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