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Branded House


Endorsed Brand

The branded house strategy is often beneficial for the firms offering professional services, which is precisely why the best examples of this approach are the tech companies mentioned above.  That’s why every company looking to use this approach must ensure they build a strong brand with an excellent reputation and high visibility.


This is crucial, as all sub-brands and their successes are tied to the leading brand.

Simultaneously, the good thing here is that building a strong brand is much easier with this approach since everything is so centralized. It’s easier to create a detailed brand image and messaging and successfully implement exemplary marketing efforts, as it all depends on a single identity every consumer will care about. 

In simplest terms, a sub-brand is a brand that exists as part of a bigger brand. It’s separate as it uses a different name and branding.  Moreover, sub-brands always have unique customer expectations that differ from the parent brand. 

The sub-brand may be unique, but it’s still a big part of the parent brand, which is why it’s usually advertised along with it. For instance, if you see a commercial for the Big Mac, a sub-brand of McDonald’s, you’ll never see it without the McDonald’s logo, even though the Big Mac is more recognizable than any other product McDonald’s offers. However, that doesn’t mean the sub-brand can’t have its own brands.  


Recognizing a sub-brand is usually quite easy. There is always a copyright mark, registration mark, or maybe a trademark beside the product’s name to show that the brand belongs to another, more prominent company. 

Brands such as Polo by Ralph Lauren or Xbox by Microsoft are independent companies. However, they are also endorsed by another, more prominent brand, hence the Endorsed Brands category. Having an endorsement by a solid and established brand provides credibility and, in a way, promises that the brand will fulfill its purpose. 

Additionally, with this strategy, the endorsed brand is linked to positive equity from the “parent company.” This allows the brand to compete without alienating the existing audience.  

However, it’s important to note that the strategy can go either way. For example, when Nestlé bought Kit Kat in the UK, it was to establish Nestlé’s presence in the market, leading to both parties gaining recognition. 

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